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From the ground up to mild fixes, Heart Pounding Performance has the know how to fully restore your classic or muscle car. Our staff has the experience to put your car back to original, or better. What makes Heart Pounding Performance different from other shops, is we know how to rebuild different components. Some examples are:

TransmissionsMustang Restoration





Rear Ends

1964 Corvette Restoration

Dash Clusters

Manual Steering Boxes

We try to utilize your existing equipment when possible. This keeps your car closer to original, and also saves money because your parts are not being sent to someone else to rebuild.


High Performance

Upgraded 2011 Mustang to Boss Performance Parts

Whether you want a street rod or race car, Heart Pounding Performance has you covered. We can modify and upgrade anything from headlights to tail lights and everything in between. Do you want to just want to add some upgrades to your brand new sports car or completely modernize your classic car? We offer an unlimited amount of conversions, from fuel systems to transmissions. Even if you want to throw on a super charger to your UMI Performance Parts Installed
brand new Camaro, it will not void your manufacturers warranty. We will always make sure you high performance vehicle is performing to the best of its abilities, we do not just change parts, we make sure everything is made to work together. A properly tuned car makes for better performance.



Specialty Automotive Services

1939 Buick Special

Don’t forget to keep us in mind if your specialty car needs service, even if we didn’t dothe work we will be glad to help you out. There is no job too big or too small, just give us a call.


For The Do-it Yourselfers

Oldsmobile Engine Rebuild

If you are working on your car at home and need any parts or components rebuilt, just pull them out and bring them by. We will be more than happy to rebuild them for you.